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Maru LandscapesWelcome to the blog of the construction of our home on McLaren Drive in Chilliwack. We are proud and fortunate to have Graham Williams of North Face Construction building our home. These images are a testament to him and his wonderful team - Sherilyn, Will, Curtis, Peter, Bryce, Jay and all the others.
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Our Design Guys, Ryan and Jim...
By:           Kim and Jeremy   |   Apr, 6th, 2015

Stage:     Design     |    Week 22

Story: It's been a while since our last post and although we have many new images to share, we thought we would just do a quick post about our fantastic design guys, Ryan and Jim Hipwell of Plantech. About 8 weeks ago now we visited Ryan and Jim just to tell them how well things are going and how few changes we made to the wonderful plans they drew for us.

While we were there, Kim took some pictures. Here they are.....


Almost every day people walking by stop and ask about the house. Almost all of them tell us how wondeful it looks. We have Ryan and Jim to thank for that.

Thanks so much Plantech. You were so superbly professional and easy to work with. Kim and I could not be more pleased with what you have done for us!

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