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Maru LandscapesWelcome to the blog of the construction of our home on McLaren Drive in Chilliwack. We are proud and fortunate to have Graham Williams of North Face Construction building our home. These images are a testament to him and his wonderful team - Sherilyn, Jeremy and all the others.
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It's Been a Long Time....
By:           Kim and Jeremy   |   October, 7th, 2015

Stage:     Boarding     |    Weeks 35-39

Story: It's been a long time since we last posted. Building has been hectic and with our working and photography, there has been little time to blog. But now, the house is nearly finished and so we have time to pick up where we left off. In our last post, the gyproc was being put up by a tough, hard-working crew. Now our place is startng to look like a home. We can see dimensions of rooms, shapes, sight lines....we can see the end. Here are a few images to get us started again. More coming soon.


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