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Maru LandscapesWelcome to the blog of the construction of our home on McLaren Drive in Chilliwack. We are proud and fortunate to have Graham Williams of North Face Construction building our home. These images are a testament to him and his wonderful team - Sherilyn, Will, Curtis, Peter, Bryce, Jay and all the others.
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Here's to You....Merry Christmas!
By:           Kim and Jeremy   |   Dec, 28, 2014

Stage:     Framing     |    Weeks 7-9

Story: Here are some of our favourite moments from the framing of the house.

Will...the boss, helps Curtis with the framing of the dormer window. The final product is stunning.


Curtis looks through a small hole in the roof.


In the next few images, Will works on the swoop over the front door. He made numerous templates for Kim to look at until it looked exactly as she wanted....Thank you Will!




Here Curtis puts plywood on the dormer window. We just can't get a picture of him without the smile...


Curtis hangs over the edge to nail fascia boards in place while Jay looks on...


It looks even more dangerous from another angle!


It looks even more dangerous from another angle!


Kim holds up the plans (which were done by the absolutely fantastic Jim and Ryan Hipwell of PlanTech), to show that the front of the house is beginning to look like what we had envisioned on paper.


The roofing arrives and the delivery man takes charge.


The roofing tiles are loaded on to the top of the roof, ready for installation.


"TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER". The roofer Paul has a laugh with a "Sola" light we are installing for a little extra light above the stairs.


And now we have some advice for anyone interested in building their own home. There is only once decision that really, really matters. Sure there are lots of things along the way that can cause difficulties but there's really only one thing you absolutely must get right. And that's the choice of your builder. Choose the one that is right for you. Kim and I wanted someone we could trust. Someone with a good heart that would do right by us.

On the left is our builder, Graham Williams. On the right is the framer Will, of CB Project Management. We are so thankful and grateful to them both. Our home will be filled with warm memories of them and the generous and kind things that they have done for us. Here's to you....


And you too Jacko...


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