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Maru LandscapesWelcome to the blog of the construction of our home on McLaren Drive in Chilliwack. We are proud and fortunate to have Graham Williams of North Face Construction building our home. These images are a testament to him and his wonderful team - Sherilyn, Will, Curtis, Peter, Bryce, Jay and all the others.
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Das Richtfest......
By:           Kim and Jeremy   |   Dec, 4 2014

Stage:     Richtfest     |    Week 7

Story: When the highest point in any building is erected, an old European ceremony dating back perhaps 1,000 years is often held to commemorate the event. The Richtfest itself is an old German tradition of having a blessing, or topping- off ceremony when a new house is built. This celebration was thrown for the workmen who had come into town to assist or build the house for the home owner after the roof had been erected. This was the point where their work was done and they were off to another town for a new project.

So when the highest truss was erected in our new home, we held a Richtfest to celebrate. Kim and her long-time friend Franziska made a huge wreath. Here Graham, overwhelmed at it's size, unloads the wreath from the back of my truck...


After a shaky start, we figured out how to get the wreath to the top of the building.....Will, how's your arm?


And then it was raised....


Here, the foreman, the guy that is building our house, our lovable "Cowboy Curtis" celebrates in all his glory....And all the time, wearing his harness, of course.


Somehow I made it to the top and Curtis gave me his hammer for a celebratory picture....CURTIS, are you sure this truss is nailed in!?


It's a a fire is made and sausages begin to cook....


What German celebration would be complete without WURST! We made 40 and they were all gone...Not to mention the hot apple cider, Czechvar beer, incredible schnapps brought from Germany by Hans, homemade sourdough rye brought by Karin and smoked salmon brought by Ute.


Helping us celebrate were our great friends and a new neighbor. From left to right....Klaus, Matthias, Lothar, Ute, Ruth and Franziska.


And these are the guys we celebrated. The men who are building our home. From left to right.....Bryce, Curtis, Peter and Will. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love you guys....


And all the while, Jacko looked on from the well-worn passenger seat of Graham's truck....Jacko...Jacko...did you steal a sausage!



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