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Maru LandscapesWelcome to the blog of the construction of our home on McLaren Drive in Chilliwack. We are proud and fortunate to have Graham Williams of North Face Construction building our home. These images are a testament to him and his wonderful team - Sherilyn, Jeremy and all the others.
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Someone Very Special...
By:           Kim and Jeremy   |   Nov 14th, 2015

Stage:    Friendship    |    Forever

Story: Kim and I are blessed in so many ways. We have been raised by wonderful parents, given everything we need to succeed, are lucky to have rewarding, fulfilling careers, and have many very special friends. Amongst them is our dear friend Matt.

Matt is a welder and fabricator. Starting early on in the build, he made many things for us and helped with all manner of projects and problems. From supports for a sink, to elaborate, antiqued hinges Matt tirelessley worked on weekends, evenings and whenever else we needed him.

We are so grateful to him. He is the salt of the earth. So descent and kind, so generous, and so thoughtful. We are privileged to know him and cherish all the wonderful things he has made for our home. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Matt...

Here is a short video of Matt fashioning antiqued hinges for the front door...


And here is the final product...the hinges installed on our front door.


Matt also made it possible to hang two very special old Chinese doors at the entrance to our living room. The doors were modified to make them thinner by removing wooden supports and replacing them with metal. They also required a special rail system to support the enormous weight. We estimated that the doors weigh about 250 lbs each. So the railing system Matt made was required to hold 500 lbs rolling across an area about 12 feet wide. Here they are, installed.


Right from the beggining, Matt was there to help. Here is me with Matt sweeping out the torential rain we had so often during the early stages of construction.


And just because I could not resist, here is Matt doing a flying kick during has Karate Black Belt test....which he passed, ofcourse.


Thanks Matt... we love you.




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